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Unless a Love Be Free

  • 13 August 2012
  • Author: Jerilyn Willin
  • Number of views: 2638
Unless a Love Be Free

Unless a Love Be Free is not your usual set-in-England-spunky-rags-to-riches-heroine-falls-for-a man-of-noble-birth romantic story. It is the tale of two people, prisoners of their pasts, who share a dream of freedom. When they meet, each believes freedom is to be found somewhere other than where they are.

As their stories unwind and combine, as curiosity leads to a fragile bond of trust, both begin to understand that what they seek is within, built on a foundation of self-acceptance and honesty, nurtured by love. Their odyssey begins in the confines of an island prison and climaxes on the vast reaches of the open sea, a metaphor for the journey of their hearts.

A “taste” of Unless a Love Be Free:

“I’m not good at…this…at apologizing.” Discomfort underscored his gruff tone. “God knows I’ve no right to take my anger out on you. I chose my course in this, you did not. You don’t deserve my bitterness. No one deserves it less.”

His sincerity smothered her resistance. How easily she forgave him! A flash of lightning lit the woods as she turned to face him.

Garrick stood not five paces from her. The glow from her lantern cast him half in shadow, half in light. His white shirt, sleeves rolled to just below his elbows, molded wet and half-open against his chest. Garrick Stuart looked every inch the dangerous privateer he was proclaimed to be…until she looked into his eyes.

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