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That Funny Empty Feeling

  • 16 February 2016
  • Author: Matt Joswick
  • Number of views: 2730
That Funny Empty Feeling

Have you ever had that, “Funny Empty Feeling,” in the pit of your stomach when something goes wrong? Bad news, a lost love, etc. Then you will be able to relate to this novel. The title is just an example of this new author’s clever and imaginary writing.

Take a trip down memory lane to the 1950’s where life and values were very different back then. Follow Adam’s life as a naive young farm boy. His girl problems start at the tender age of eleven. Then high school... his first kiss... his first heartbreak. On to college where Tiffany comes crashing headlong into his life. Classy, sexy, and, oh yes, rich. What interest can she have in a farm boy who believes in the “Golden Rule,” as practiced by his family.

Tiffany has no rules. What Tiffany wants, Tiffany gets. If she cannot get it for herself, then her rich Daddy will get it for her. If that fails, all stops are out. Deceit is a great alternative, especially when she has not lost her interest in other men.

Loving Tiffany is confusing enough, but her overbearing Daddy makes life miserable. If this is not enough for our main character Adam he is hijacked for a year and takes an unforgettable, fateful voyage to a faraway island with strange inhabitants, changing his life forever.

His world is turned upside down when he finds the true meaning of love. Then, just when life begins to make sense to him again, everything he loves in the world is lost once more.

If you enjoy long verbal scenic descriptions, this is not the novel for you. The author quickly sets a scene then lets your own imagination fill in the blanks. Rather than long descriptive passages, which you might speed through, his novel is plot and character driven. You will read every word to make sure you do not miss the suspense of what is coming next.

Yes, you had better plan on scheduling some quiet time... then cuddle up and enjoy a novel that is quite different. This new author has written a real page-turner.

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