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However Many More

A Jake Houser Mystery | Book 2

  • 31 March 2020
  • Author: Bo Thunboe
  • Number of views: 2020
However Many More

Things get personal for Detective Jake Houser when he investigates the brutal murder of his lifelong friend, Henry Fox. Jake soon learns that the handyman he thought he knew so well led a life filled with secrets, starting with a hundred-ounce silver bar he sold to a local coin dealer.

Everyone who learned about the silver wanted a piece of the action, from the silent partner in Henry’s new business, to his always-hard-up-for-cash ex-wife, to the two treasure hunters who come to town looking for a big score. And when Jake digs deeper, he understands why. Henry may have found more than just a few silver bars.

A lot more.

As Jake closes in on the killer—and the truth about what Henry found—the forces aligned against him become ever more desperate, leading to a showdown that will strip the fa├žade from Henry’s life and force Jake to reevaluate his very definitions of friendship, and of family.


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