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Darwin McBeth Walton

  • 15 April 2016
  • Author: Don Gingold
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Darwin McBeth Walton

Darwin McBeth Walton was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and received her B.A. degree in music from the Chicago Conservatory of Music in 1950. Later, she returned to school to earn her M.E. degree from National-Louis University (NLU) in 1973 and spent twenty years teaching public school.

In 1973, her first book, What Color Are You?, was published. It was one of the first books about America’s diversity to be used in public schools and was named a landmark book by the Chicago Historical Society. Several more books followed.

In 1998, Walton was elected Outstanding Woman Leader in the field of Racial Justice in DuPage County. She was honored again in 2003 with the Distinguished Alumni Humanitarian Award from National-Louis University.

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M. R. Shirky

2/4/2019 3:29 PM

At 93, Darwin is still working with other authors to edit and publish their work.

What color are you? was a ground breaking work in diversity instruction for children. Though out of print due to the demise of Johnson Publishing, it is still relevant and needed in our schools today. It wold be wonderful if it were to be re-published by some publishing house. She has written several other books for children that are highly praised as well.

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